To provide assistance with a disability hiring initiative at roasting plant and distribution sites.


A Starbucks Inclusion Academy—a model originally piloted in a distribution center in Carson Valley, NV—was successfully established at Starbucks’ largest roasting plant (York, PA) with the first class of graduates hired by Starbucks. Starbucks Inclusion Academy is a unique on-the-job six-week training program that helps people with disabilities gain meaningful work experience in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. Working at three facilities, NOD trained more than 600 supervisors and staff on working with individuals with disabilities; created a network of partners, such as the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation in York, to provide an ongoing candidate pipeline; and developed protocols to make sure that suppliers understand the company’s needs and provide effective onboarding of candidates.


“Not only was NOD able to provide training for Starbucks supervisors at our York Roasting Plant on how to manage individuals with disabilities, they helped us to quickly identify the most appropriate sourcing agencies and worked with those agencies to ensure they understood our workforce needs. NOD was an invaluable partner in helping us launch the Starbucks Inclusion Academy.”

Deverl Maserang | EVP of Global Supply Chain Operations, Starbucks