Increasing disability self-identification rates among new and existing employees with disabilities is a priority for many leading companies. Learn about the practices shared by organizations that have been successful in creating a culture where employees are comfortable self-identifying.
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Feb 17, 2023

WEBINAR: 2023 NOD Employment Tracker™ | Tying Business Practices to HR Outcomes

Explore how the updated 2023 NOD Employment Tracker™ provides essential data to companies seeking to become more disability inclusive and how L’Oréal USA used this tool to advance their workplace inclusion initiatives.


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Feb 22, 2022

61 million American adults have a disability. Experts say an intentional approach to accommodations can help companies ensure these workers feel valued.

“​​People with disabilities have to navigate a world that is still largely built for and reinforced by nondisabled individuals and norms,” Moeena Das, the chief operating officer of the National Organization on Disability, told Insider.


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Feb 9, 2022

How Remote Work Has Made Working Accessible for Millions of People

NOD has worked on a Disability Employment Tracker for the past nine years, a free tool that tracks now close to 500 companies specifically to see how they’re progressing with their disability inclusion practice. The tracker internally focuses just on the workplace, and employment. Nurmsen said that it has shown progress in disability employment practices, including talent outcomes which measure the progression of disabled people in their careers.

“If we really don’t know where our people with disabilities are in the workplace and how we’re supporting them, then we really can’t say that we have a disability-inclusive culture,” Nurmsen said, highlighting the importance of the tracker.


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Nov 25, 2019

Shifting the Talent Paradigm | Crossroads of Compliance, Disclosure and Trust

September 26, 2019 – More than 200 diversity and inclusion leaders from companies around the country gathered at the National Organization on Disability’s (NOD) Annual Forum and Dinner, entitled Shifting the Talent Paradigm: Inclusive Culture for a Modern Workforce. Sponsored by Lead Partners PwC and Spectrum, the all-day forum explored the best change management tactics […]


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Feb 7, 2023

Navigating Workforce More Challenging For Those With Disabilities, Advocates Say

A new report from the National Organization on Disability shows companies tracking retention of people with disabilities are reporting a 40% turnover rate. The rate of people disclosing their disability decreased by 11% in 2022. It decreased by 15% the year before that…


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Jul 10, 2018

Key Tactics to Promote Inclusion of Invisible Diversity Traits

Takeaways from the NOD Corporate Leadership Council Executive Luncheon, which spotlighted how corporate cultures can welcome unseen diversity segments, like LGBT identities and non-apparent disabilities, such as mental illness.


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Jan 26, 2018

Is Your Company Using These 5 Critical Practices to Increase Disability Self-Identification Rates?

We analyzed the data gained from our 2017 Disability Employment Tracker™, NOD’s confidential, annual survey of corporate disability inclusion policies and practices, to find out what differentiates companies that have been successful at building disability-strong workforces from those that have not.


Employees Need to Feel Comfortable Disclosing Disabilities at Work | Blog by NOD President Carol Glazer
Oct 20, 2016

Employees Need to Feel Comfortable Disclosing Disabilities at Work | Blog by NOD President Carol Glazer

The National Organization on Disability was proud to serve as a knowledge partner with the Working Mother Research Institute and PwC on this important new survey, Disabilities in the Workplace.


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Jul 20, 2013

Special Report from the Conference Board | Do Ask, Do Tell: Encouraging Employees with Disabilities to Self-Identify

This special report investigates what companies are doing to build a diversity-inclusive culture and encourage employees with disabilities to voluntarily self-identify. It will help organizations to create an environment in which employees may feel comfortable self-identifying. Special Report from The Conference Board | Do Ask Do Tell: Encouraging Employees with Disabilities to Self-Identify


NOD Leadership Council Member Content

Training: Empowering Managers to Cultivate Disability Inclusive Workplaces
Research has found that employees with disabilities who have not disclosed their disability to their employer are having an overall less favorable workplace experience. Learn how to empower managers to cultivate disability inclusive workplaces.
Be a Leader Among Peers; Why Workforce Disability Inclusion Matters
Co-Presented with the National Industry Liaison Group. New research and analysis reveals which disability inclusion strategies are most effective for all companies, especially federal contractors, with a mandate to increase diversity with their workforce. Plus, find out which strategies lead to the highest self-ID rates.
National Disability Employment Awareness Month Meeting in a Box
Included in this Meeting in a Box is a historical timeline outlining the victories people with disabilities have achieved, facts and figures on this diverse demographic, and tips and tools on how to improve your company’s self-id rates. You will also learn about common myths and misconceptions about people with disabilities as well as the biggest issues the community faces as voters in the most important election in US history.
“Closing the Trust Gap” | Executive Luncheon, June 2019
Watch video of the NOD Corporate Leadership Council's Executive Luncheon, centered on the topic of trust to build an inclusive, engaged workforce.
“Driving Innovation through ERGs” | Networking Roundtable, April 2019
Watch video of the NOD Corporate Leadership Council's Networking Roundtable, Driving Innovation through ERGs, and gain an in-depth look at businesses excelling at building disability inclusive cultures through their Employee Resource/Affinity Groups (ERGs/AGs).
Creating a Culture of Disability Inclusion: Practical Solutions for Workforce Engagement
Hear practical examples, best practices, and lessons learned to improve the disclosure percentage of candidates and employees with disabilities.
Leading Practice in Disability Inclusion with Merck
Hear how Merck harnesses disability inclusion to foster a diverse workforce that delivers more innovative solutions to improve lives around the world.

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