Leading employers are implementing disability employment initiatives in a race to acquire the best talent. NOD has partnered with the world’s leading brands to provide the necessary expertise and resources to enhance the speed and success of their employment initiatives.
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Mar 2, 2022

How Americans with Disabilities are Underrepresented as Managers and Professionals, in One Glaring Chart

Madison Hoff  | Feb 28, 2022, 3:16 PM       The Bureau of Labor Statistics released 2021 data about the employment situation of people with disabilities. Of employed people with disabilities, 36.5% work in management, professional, and related occupations. That is less than the share for employed people without disabilities working these jobs, at 42.7%. […]


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Feb 22, 2019

4 Ways to Expand Inclusion of People with Disabilities

“The most immediate challenge for many companies looking to advance disability inclusion is knowing where to start,” said Felicia Nurmsen, Managing Director of Employer Services at NOD. “A good first step is to establish your baseline, so you can prioritize goals, strategically allocate resources, and track year-over-year progress. One tool is NOD’s Disability Employment Tracker, which offers essential data to benchmark your employment practices and performance against other companies.”


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May 31, 2018

Want Your Business to Succeed? Hire Moms. Hire Vets. Hire Boomers. Hire People With Disabilities. Here’s Why

NOD President Carol Glazer recommends that if a manager has a disability, he or she discuss it openly. “You can almost hear a sigh of relief go through the workforce when a senior leader discloses a disability,” she says.


Aug 2, 2017


OBJECTIVE Bring in talent with diverse perspectives to solve business challenges, using PwC’s disability inclusion data to develop customized recommendations. OUTCOME PwC’s leaders opted for the Disability Inclusion Accelerator™ to chart a path forward. PwC collaborated with NOD to understand the analysis of its Disability Employment Tracker™ results and built a high-level action plan to accelerate company-wide efforts […]


Jul 26, 2017

Lowe’s + NOD: Case Study

OBJECTIVE To provide assistance in recruiting and hiring people with disabilities at four of Lowe’s distribution centers and to provide training to Lowe’s staff, managers, and local partners. OUTCOME Lowe’s hired more than 150 new workers with disabilities in the first year, and an additional 250 workers in the following 18-month period. NOD provided training […]


NOD Leadership Council Member Content

Campus to Careers Roadmap
The Campus to Careers Roadmap includes findings and resources derived from NOD’s four-year innovation project to understand the challenges employers experience in recruiting with college students with disabilities and ultimately, to improve career outcomes for students with disabilities after graduation.
Training: Empowering Managers to Cultivate Disability Inclusive Workplaces
Research has found that employees with disabilities who have not disclosed their disability to their employer are having an overall less favorable workplace experience. Learn how to empower managers to cultivate disability inclusive workplaces.
Linking HR Practices to Results with the Employment Tracker
For the first time ever, NOD’s analysis of the 2021 Employment Tracker data is linking HR practices to real-world outcomes. In this webinar, explore trends and correlations derived from over 225 companies that participated in last year’s Tracker.
Rethinking Your Hiring Technology: An eRecruiting Checklist for Employers
This Checklist, from PEAT, can help ensure that employers are building, buying, and implementing eRecruiting tools and workplace technologies accessible to everyone.
Be a Leader Among Peers; Why Workforce Disability Inclusion Matters
Co-Presented with the National Industry Liaison Group. New research and analysis reveals which disability inclusion strategies are most effective for all companies, especially federal contractors, with a mandate to increase diversity with their workforce. Plus, find out which strategies lead to the highest self-ID rates.
The ABLE Employer Toolkit
The following are strategies, tools and resources to introduce and explain basic information about ABLE accounts to all of your employees as part of orientation and onboarding and/or as an introduction to your existing workforce. Let us help you help your employees save in an ABLE 529A tax-advantaged savings and/or investment account.
5 Ways to Ensure Your Website is Accessible to Job Candidates with Disabilities
eSSENTIAL Accessibility is a one-stop-shop for companies seeking digital accessibility expertise, with an approach that goes beyond compliance. Top companies, including Merck, Toys“R”Us, Mastercard and Marriott, partner with eSSENTIAL Accessibility to signal their commitment to people with disabilities.


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