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In NOD’s Harris Survey of employers, nearly four in ten reported difficulty finding qualified candidates with disabilities. Starting in a pilot site, we will help you develop a program to recruit and retain job candidates with disabilities and develop the relationships needed to build an ongoing pipeline of talent.


A Hiring Support engagement begins with an assessment of the site – including job descriptions, policies, hiring practices, work processes and site accessibility and accommodation requirements. With that baseline, NOD experts help you to:

  • Set hiring targets
  • Distinguish quality partners among a fragmented landscape of local agencies, using our Disability Employment Service Provider Selection Protocol
  • Train managers, recruiters and other players on disability employment awareness
  • Ensure sustainable success, through ongoing support and results tracking


  • Effectively recruit a dedicated workforce, known for strong performance and low absenteeism.
  • Partner with the leaders: A Rutgers University evaluation found NOD to demonstrate “the greatest success in job placement” when compared to other employment programs
  • Increase employee engagement across the broader workforce
  • Reduce risk of compliance violations with U.S. Labor Department regulations for federal contractors on hiring individuals with disabilities and protected veterans

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NOD’s Hiring Support can help your company solve talent gaps while boosting employee engagement and fulfilling compliance goals.